What we've achieved

Since our inception in September 2014, we have worked to establish a national network of youth work organisations, promoting effective measurement of evidence and impact for youth services across the UK

To date, we have:

  • Established an early adopter network covering the North West, South West and London, with national networks in housing, faith-based work and youth clubs
  • Trained over 150 practitioners working with young people
  • Placed nine research students on placements with delivery organisations
  • Maintained an action learning set connecting all the early adopters
  • Launched a website and populated a resources hub
  • Convened a series of events for providers, funders, researchers and policy makers
  • Completed a baseline survey of practice and perceptions in impact measurement across the youth sector

What's next?

In 2016/17 we aim to:

  • Grow the Centre as a network of like-minded organisations from across sectors who work together to develop concrete solutions to advance the evidence and impact agenda in the youth sector
  • Extend our existing early adopter network to reach more thematic networks (for example, social action, health, sport for development and unformed youth groups) and across as wide a geographical area as possible
  • Build capacity within the youth sector by focusing on our early adopters’ roles as coaches, facilitators and peer mentors. At the same time, we’ll develop a broad and engaging set of training content that can be shared both on and offline
  • Strengthen the role of early adopters within their networks, and formalise a model of regular regional and national ‘labs’. These labs will offer space for shared problem solving and practical action with peers and experts
  • Continue to develop our website as a collaborative space for sharing, learning and discussion which will pull together a wide range of existing resources and research
  • Test approaches to understanding the relationship between quality and impact, including the development of existing quality assurance schemes
  • Develop our role in supporting the youth sector to understand the potential of and access social investment