Young Researchers

The Centre for Youth Impact works with a group of young researchers, who have undertaken a variety of research projects since the Centre was launched in September 2014. 

Phase one and two of the young researchers strand were led with support from NCVYS, but are now run by the Centre directly. Overall, the young researcher strand aims to advocate for involving young people in research, evaluation and impact measurement in a meaningful capacity, and contribute to the development of good practice across the sector.

What work are they currently doing?

Stay tuned to hear more about what the young researchers are up to over the next year. The Centre for Youth Impact young researchers also act in an advisory and advocacy manner for the Centre. Take a look at what people had to say after three of the Centre young people featured on our panel session at our Newcastle Event.

What work have they already done?


In 2014, 15 young people worked on an action research project exploring how young people can shape the evaluation and evidence practice of the organisations with which they are involved. They were recruited and trained to develop their research and evaluation skills and received a training programme, titled 'Manage and deliver a youth focused action research project.'  The programme was resarched and developed by the Centre, and endorsed by the Institute for Learning and Management (ILM).

Following the training, the young people conducted peer reviews at organisations working with and for young people, with the aim of exploring how young people can shape the evidence and evaluation practice. As a result of this research, the young researchers launched a report of their findings on 31st March 2015.

What I find particularly exciting for this opportunity... is the unique precedent being set for a cohort of young people to be at the heart of a report produced for the consideration of central government."

Jack Welsh, Young Researcher


In the second phase of their work for the Centre for Youth Impact, the young researchers created an online directory of organisations and initiatives that are working with young people as researchers and/or evaluators. Over time, they hope that the directory will build up a really good picture of how young people can shape the evaluation and evidence practice of the organisations with which they are involved.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt a huge amount about how research projects are developed from concept to action plan. This was extremely interesting as it was the first time I have had the chance to peek ‘behind-the-scenes’ as an active participant in the development process."

Elizabeth Huang, Young Researcher

Recognition for our young researchers

The Centre for Youth Impact would like to recognise the following young researchers for their contribution in this phase, including their participation in training and fieldwork:

  • Elizabeth Huang
  • Jack Welsh
  • Louis Howell
  • Nadia Zemouri
  • Sam Bell
  • Tammana Miah
  • Teri-Ann Watson
  • Udoka Maya Okonkwo 

News and Updates

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