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Need and demand

'Need' relates to the challenges or difficulties to which your provision might respond; the young people who are most likely to benefit from your provision are those who 'need' it; 'want' relates to the extent to which young people 'demand' or 'pull for' provision;

 Working out the extent to which provision is both needed and wanted are crucial parts of both program design and evaluation


  • Young People as Researchers is a training pack, produced in 2000 by Save the Children. This pack provides adaptable training exercises and handouts for workers training young people to undertake social research.
  • CAYT (the Centre for Analysis of Youth Transitions) was a research centre, funded by the UK's Department for Education, which created a repository of quality assured studies that assess the impact of programmes and services supporting the development of young people.
  • This guide was written by Perpetua Kirby and developed with a group of young people and adults who have been involved in research. It explains why and how to actively involve young people as researchers within health and social care research.
  • This report will help you to think through the outcomes that might be most relevant for the young people you work with.