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Bad measures make bad data

“Bad data is a poor premise for making decisions about expenditure and delivery in social programmes.”

In this blog for Power to Change, Gen Maitland Hudson discusses the need to eliminate unreliable data by improving data collection measures, geared towards reliability rather than inflated results.

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“Success rates of 100% within social programmes should always be treated with caution.”

About the Author

Gen Maitland Hudson is Head of Evaluation and Impact Assessment for Power to Change.

Who is it for?

With the increased use of Payment by Results as a commissioning and funding method, the employment of inadequate data collection methods and research methodology can prevent organisations from directing funding to where it is needed most.

How could this help/improve services for young people?

Reliable data leads to the identification of need for the young people with whom organisations work, rather than simply providing figures that look good on the surface, but actually have the capacity to reduce the effectiveness of the programmes.

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