Doing randomised controlled trials in the real world

"Randomised controlled trials are invariably demanding for all involved, not least because for managers and practitioners they can create extra work and introduce unwanted complexities."

In the latest instalment of Realising Ambition's Programme Insight series, a frank look is taken at the process of conducting real-world randomised controlled trials (RCTs), how they are delivered and how their results can be used.

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"Securing organisational buy-in to a trial requires understanding an organisation’s culture, processes and structure."

About Realising Ambition

Realising Ambition is a UK-wide £25m Big Lottery Fund programme replicating 25 services aimed at preventing children and young people from entering the criminal justice system. Launched in 2012, the five year programme is providing grant funding and specialist support to 22 organisations to refine and build the evidence base of their services.

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Realising Ambition, hoping to share their learning and approach their evaluation differently are producing 10 Programme Insights designed to share reflections, learning and practical implications that can benefit all organisations.

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