Brathay Research Hub Evaluation Toolkit

What is in it? 

Brathay Research Hub Evaluation Toolkit v2 is a resource containing a set of evaluation tools that are easy to use, complement the youth work process, and that give you some templates to hand.

How can it help me? 

Each of the 26 tools covered in the toolkit are presented in a standardised, accessible and practical format. Each summary contains sections providing: 

  • an overview of the tool 
  • a list of materials needed to implement it  
  • instructions for how to prepare for and execute the monitoring process  
  • an outline of the tool’s analytical requirements  
  • an overview of the tool’s strengths and weaknesses 
  • relevant pictures, checklists, graphs or schematics 

Who is it for? 

This resource is of most use to those directly involved in the frontline delivery and/or evaluation of youth programmes.

Some of the tools included in this report require skills such as competence in quantitative or qualitative research. The implementation of some of these tools also require that the project already has particular evaluation plans or mechanisms in place, such as an existing outcome framework.

Where can I access it? 

The report has been published by the Brathay Trust as a shared, free document to support the sector and is readily available to download.