Capturing the Evidence: Tools and processes for recognising and recording

A paid e-book providing guidance on recording young people's experiences with your intervention

What is in it? 

The Capturing the Evidence toolkit includes useful techniques and processes that can facilitate youth workers in recognising and recording the impact of their work. These tools are accompanied by first-hand accounts from practitioners and young people reflecting on the impact of youth work on their lives.

How can it help me? 

This toolkit is intended to ‘support youth workers in recognising and recording what young people gain from the youth work they are involved in.’

Who is it for? 

Capturing the Evidence is of particular use to youth workers, especially senior practitioners and managers of youth services, who are seeking practical methods for evaluating the effectiveness of their projects in making a positive impact on young people’s lives.

It may also offer insight to commissioners and funders of such projects, regarding the methods used, and often developed, by service providers in this sector.

Where can I access it? 

Published by the National Youth Agency (NYA), Capturing the Evidence is available as an e-book and costs £10.