Development, impact and you (DIY) toolkit

A comprehensive tool for planning and implementing high impact research

What Is It?

DIY: Development Impact and You is a freely accessible ‘toolkit on how to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that can deliver better results’ published by Nesta, the innovation charity.

The toolkit contains 30 overviews of tried and tested methods in the following thematic areas:

  • Look ahead
  • Develop a clear plan
  • Clarify my priorities
  • Collect input from others
  • Know the people I’m working with
  • Generate new ideas
  • Test & improve
  • Sustain & implement

Each tool includes: a ‘level of involvement’ rating; an overview of the tools uses; instructions; a template graph/chart/framework; a relevant case study and references to further resources.

Is it right for me?

According to its authors, the DIY toolkit is ‘quick to use, simple to apply, and designed to help busy people working in development.’ Though not targeted at youth initiatives specifically, there are several items included in this toolkit that are of use to youth service providers working on developing and scaling evidence-based projects.

Several tools, such as Theory of Change, People Shadowing and Interview Guide are widely-used evaluation tools in the youth sector. Users can easily implement combinations of these and other items in the toolkit to complement their evaluation efforts and wider organisational development.

This toolkit could also be a useful resource for commissioners and funders who provide grantees with additional, non-financial support to help them develop, evaluate and scale funded projects.