NPC’s four pillars approach

Guidance for maximising impact through measurement framework

What is in it? 

This report sets out an approach to impact measurement and provides practical support through the key steps involved in developing or improving a measurement framework. It includes case studies, diagrams and key terms, and focuses particularly on helping organisations to build a practical system for impact measurement.

How can it help me? 

Four key steps or ‘pillars’ are outlined within this report, and are designed as the solid foundations for developing an approach to impact measurement within your organisation. These steps include mapping your theory of change, prioritising what you measure, choosing your level of evidence and selecting your sources and tools.

It also includes a list of other resources to help you at each stage of the process.

Who is it for? 

This report is a good place to start reading about impact measurement. It provides clear and accessible guidance, and suggests key questions for reflection.

It is not written specifically for the youth sector, but includes examples that are specific to work with young people, including NPC’s own JET Framework.

Where can I access it? 

The report is available as a free download on the NPC website.

What should I read next? 

This is a follow up publication, based on the charities NPC has supported since publishing their 2011  'A Journey To Greater Impact' report.

JET Framework