NPC Creating your Theory of Change

A comprehensive guide to creating a 'theory of change'

What is in it?

The guide covers the process of creating, using and representing a Theory of Change (often abbreviated to ToC). Originally produced by NPC, a Theory of Change is a widely used tool in which you describe the need you are trying to address, the changes (or outcomes) you want to make and the activities you plan to do.

How can it help me?

A Theory of Change aims to help improve organisational strategy, measurement, communication and partnership working. It is particularly useful as a starting point for identifying the measurable outcomes of a social project- the first step in any impact evaluation.

Who is it for?

This easy-to-use tool is of use to anyone interested in evidence-based approaches to working for social change including service providers, funders and academic experts.

Where can I access it?

NPC's practical guide to Creating your own Theory of Change is available online as a free download.