Preventing gang involvement and youth violence – advice for commissioning mentoring programmes

A guide to comissioning preventative programs tackling gang involvement in the youth sector

What Is It?

This practical guide to commissioning preventative mentoring programs that tackle gang involvement and youth violence was published by The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) in collaboration with the Home Office. It is available online as a free download.

It provides guidance to commissioners on how to assess providers’ proposals – emphasizing clarity on programs beneficiaries, intended outcomes, recruitment and supervision processes and effective monitoring of practices and impact.

Is it right for me?

This resource is especially valuable to its intended audience: commissioners of youth services that focus on gangs and youth violence.

A particularly noteworthy feature of this guide is its ‘practical “pull-out” checklist of questions to ask of potential mentoring providers and things to watch out for’ which provides commissioners with a ready-to-use tool.

Additionally, providers of preventative mentoring programs may find this guide useful for it’s insight on commissioners’ priorities, as well as on the monitoring and evaluation standards recommended by experts – and increasingly required by statutory funding bodies.