The Monitoring and evaluation on a shoestring guide

A guide to developing a monitoring and evaluation approach

What is in it?

This 50 page guide offers a simple and systematic approach to monitoring and evaluating in the voluntary sector. Produced by the Charities Evaluation Service, it aims to provide practical support to help organisations develop their monitoring and evaluation approach, and improve their effectiveness on a limited budget.

How can it help me? 

The guide includes an explanation of evaluation terminology and ideas of how to identify outputs and outcomes. It also contains several chapters on data. There are a number of examples and case studies, including an example of an organisation working with young people, which help to present the information clearly.

Who is it for? 

This guide is helpful for those responsible for self-evaluation within an organisation. Monitoring and Evaluation builds on on CES's introductory report (First Steps in Monitoring and Evaluation) and is aimed at organisations wishing to think further about developing the extent and quality of their monitoring and evaluation practice.

Whilst aimed at fairly small organisations, readers with more experience might find it is a useful checklist for things to think about when carrying out monitoring and evaluation.

Where can I access it? 

To access the guide you have to register on the Charities Evaluation Service website. This is free and takes less than a minute.

What should I read next? 

First Steps in Monitoring and Evaluation