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You’re doing it all wrong: context and complexity in Ed-research and debate

It’s continually frustrating to me that so much of the discourse in our debates and in the reading of education research reduces teaching and learning effects to crude averages and sweeping assumptions, ignoring complexity and context.

In this blog for Teacherhead, Tom Sherrington discusses the need to bring context to bear in assessing educational outcomes.

The Gathering 2016

"I can’t help thinking that, in the important and helpful debate about progressive and traditional approaches to education, whilst we might have different orientations, a high proportion of what actually happens is the same in practice."

About the Author

Tom Sherrington is a consultant, speaker, blogger and teacher.

How could this help/improve services for young people?

"Possibly above all, beyond what you do  – it is how well you do it.  That might go without saying but I’d suggest that, where teaching is ineffective, it is less about the selection of strategies and more about problems with confidence, subject knowledge, the pitch of the content and expectations of students."

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