Our vision & approach

Our vision is for all young people to have access to high quality programmes and services that improve their life chances.

We believe that meaningful impact measurement practice, embedded at the heart of strong and sustainable organisations, is a key part of creating better outcomes for young people. We exist to make this a reality.

We focus on supporting impact measurement practice that is proportionate, relevant, and meaningful across the youth sector.

Our approach

As a sector-led community, working closely with researchers and academics, we know that there are a range of organisations and initiatives offering products and consultancy to support impact measurement practice, and/or who are focused on assessing and promoting evidence-based programmes. We also know that a number of these organisations and initiatives are already active within the youth sector.

We want to work with these groups as key partners in developing the Centre for Youth Impact as a space where different approaches can be embraced, critiqued and evolved through collaboration, with the aim of leading a movement supporting improvement in services for young people.