Meet the people behind the Centre for Youth Impact

Bethia McNeil 

Bethia McNeil is Director of the Centre for Youth Impact, a role she has held since its launch in September 2014. Prior to joining the team to set up the Centre, Bethia worked at the Dartington Social Research Unit, the Young Foundation, the National Youth Agency and NIACE (now the Learning and Work Institute), in a variety of policy and research roles.
She has also worked in further and higher education as a teacher and trainer. Bethia is a Clore Fellow and a Senior Visiting Fellow at Nottingham Trent University.

Email: bethia.mcneil [at]
Phone: 07825 078176

Pippa Knott

Pippa Knott

Pippa Knott is the Head of Networks. She leads the design and delivery of the Centre’s network strategy, which includes establishing networks across the country to change how individuals and organisations engage with impact measurement, and coordinating the support that the Centre offers them.

Pippa previously worked in the Cabinet Office’s Youth Policy team, where she led on evidence and impact measurement in youth services.  She has a background in social policy and research, and holds degrees from the University of Oxford and London School of Economics.

Email: pippa.knott [at]
Phone: 07766 026252


Jamila DamaniJamila Damani

Jamila is the Networks Assistant for the Centre, working with the Director and Head of Networks to manage the everyday activities at the Centre, supporting the networks of youth organisations with whom the Centre work with and ensuring they are effective and well run.

She graduated with a BA Joint Hons in Anthropology and International Development at the University of Sussex, where she was  an Ambassador with the Widening Participation team , supporting primary and secondary school children from under representative backgrounds into higher education. Jamila is also coach to young people on the McGuire Programme, a speech recovery course for people who stammer.

Email:  jamila.damani [at]

Phone: 020 7033 2640

Genevieve Maitland Hudson

Genevieve Maitland Hudson

Genevieve Maitland Hudson serves as a Research Fellow for the Centre and is a researcher, evaluator and project designer with wide-ranging experience of academic and social research. She has a particular interest in the use of human-centred measurement in assessing the effectiveness of social programmes and is the Head of Evaluation and Impact at The Power to Change

Gen also writes about evaluation and social measurement, and has published widely on this topic. She writes a regular column for Civil Society News and has recently written articles for Charity Finance, Feedback Labs, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, The Centre for Youth Impact and the Alliance 4 Useful Evidence.

Kenton HallKenton Hall

Kenton Hall is the Communications Development Officer for the Centre.

Kenton is a writer, media practitioner and educator, with a background in writing and directing films for young people. He has also devised and delivered multiple BTEC courses in Creative Media Production for young people whom traditional education streams have failed to engage, with an eye on employability within the British Film Industry.

Email: kenton.hall [at]
Phone: 0116 2575043