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Adult rating of youth behaviour

We are currently piloting the Adult Rating of Youth Behaviour (ARYB), an observational tool for practitioners working in informal and non-formal settings to evaluate the social and emotional learning (SEL) of young people.

This is an opportunity to shape the development of an observational approach to collecting evidence of positive outcomes for young people in the UK. We know that there is widespread pressure on youth organisations to collect outcomes data, and that current tools and approaches can be challenging to use in practice. We are keen to explore an observational approach as an alternative. The ARYB was also designed to help youth practitioners think more deeply about how their practices influence young people’s SEL development.
We are looking for organisations that are working very intentionally to support young people’s social and emotional learning (this doesn’t necessarily mean pre-defined outcomes, but that interactions with and experiences for young people are deliberately created to develop social and emotional skills), with the capacity to try out the tool and provide us with feedback.
To find out more about the pilot tool, click here.

If you are interested in trying out this tool, please click here to email us for more information.