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Embedding Equitable Evaluation in Employability Provision (E4P)

Supported by Youth Futures Foundation, E4P seeks to work with youth, community, education, training and employment organisations to better identify young people who face intersectional barriers and build their monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) capabilities in order to support young people (aged 14-24) into work.



Youth, community, education, training, and employment organisations are better able to embed equitable approaches into their support to young people, through improved ability to identify young people who face intersectional barriers to work, and increased capacity for equitable monitoring, evaluation and learning. This is turn increases organisations’ potential to support and evidence young people’s progress towards and into work.



Listen and learn - literature review and scoping – now we are capturing young people’s and practitioner’s voices – young people’s experiences of sharing demographic information, how they want to be identified, and practitioners to understand data collection and equitable evaluation practices in the sector.


Validate and consult – bringing together key themes from literature review and workshops and highlight potential ways forward – insight report (output)


Pilot – we will pilot guidance, tools and shared data portal – development of a new model monitoring and evaluation tools – with 30 organisations in the sector


Launch, disseminate and campaign – work with practitioners to deliver a campaign – share the tools with the sector to support organisations to embark/progress on their equitable evaluation journeys, both to strengthen ability to understand and evidence impact and to improve capacity over time to evaluate their work with and for young people.


Get involved: to find out more about this project or if you are interested in being involved, please get in touch with the Catherine Mitchell (