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Leading youth charities to unite to ensure more practitioners support young people to thrive

17 November 2021

In Spring 2022, two leading youth charities - the Centre for Youth Impact and YMCA George Williams College – intend to unite to improve the quality of support and opportunities for young people in the UK.

Act for Change Learning Project Week Notes 1

15 November 2021

The Centre for Youth Impact is the learning partner for the Act for Change Fund which supports youth-led social change. This is the first of a series of Week Notes, written by the Centre's Mary McKaskill about the learning and insight coming out of the Act for Change Fund Learning Project.

November's Reading List

11 November 2021

Each month, members of the team share writing that has made us think, inspired our work, or piqued our interest. 

Read what we've been reading this month.

YPQI Pilot next steps - how can we achieve quality at scale?

11 November 2021

Organisational Learning Lead Catherine Mitchell discusses key lessons and next steps for the YPQI pilot, as the project transitions from pilot to long-term offer for participants.

Young evaluators set sail for success

11 November 2021

Members of our Young Evaluators Panel and Project Manager Jo reflect on their first residential together. 


Our Thoughts - Kelly Bradshaw-Walsh

11 November 2021

This month, Kelly Bradshaw-Walsh reflects on why celebrating success is an important part of learning.

Our Thoughts - Steve Hillman

7 October 2021

This month, Steve Hillman reflects on the rise of participatory evaluation and how storytelling can be a tool in learning and understanding.

Evaluating youth work: navigating the challenges

7 October 2021

Inspired by The Centre for Education and Youth's recent evaluation of The Brighton Streets Project, Dr Tania de St Croix takes a look at the role youth-centred evaluation can play in demonstrating the impact of detached youth work and help shed light on the 'everyday and remarkable'.

Piloting partnerships to hear practitioners perspectives: Five lessons learnt

7 October 2021

In this blog co-authored with UK Youth, we reflect on the successes and learning that arose from the pilot project and what's next for #JustOneQuestion.

Our Thoughts - Dr Charles Smith

9 September 2021

This month, in a guest blog from across the pond, Dr Charles Smith from our long-time partners QTurn reflects on the ways compassion can be integrated into evaluation, and what this means for both practitioners and evaluators. 

Thoughts and reflections from the Impact Accelerator

9 September 2021

In this latest blog, the Centre's Catherine Mitchell shares final thoughts and reflections on the Impact Accelerator as we wrap up our work with the third and final cohort.

Multi-site trials of practice: an RCT first for the Centre

9 September 2021

This month, we’re announcing a major new project. We are so excited to be working with the Centre for Evidence and Implementation and Bryson Purdon Social Research to test an innovative approach to evaluation: multi-site trials of practice. 

Data insight: what are we learning about enterprise in the youth sector?

12 August 2021

Midway through our research into social enterprise and enterprise development, the Centre's Dr Jo Hickman-Dunne takes a look at the latest insights from the research and what it's telling us so far.

Refreshing and embedding our approach to safeguarding | Our thoughts - Tom Burke

12 August 2021

For August's 'Our Thoughts', Executive Director Tom Burke, reflects on how learning-focused organisations like the Centre can continue to evolve their safeguarding framework.

Establishing Youth Voice Within the #iwill Fund

12 August 2021

The Centre for Youth Impact is pleased to announce our appointment as the Learning and Evaluation partner in understanding the impact of youth voice within the #iwill Fund.

Our thoughts - Bethia McNeil

8 July 2021

This month, Bethia McNeil, CEO at the Centre for Youth Impact, ponders the meaning and emerging focus of ‘learning’ within evaluation.