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Do you want to be part of the new #iwill Evidence and Insights Collective?


On behalf of the #iwill Coordination Hub, the Centre has been leading on the redesign of the new #iwill Evidence and Insights Collective, to support the support the production and dissemination of insight across the #iwill movement. This redesign process has been undertaken with #iwill Ambassadors, to ensure it is driven by the needs and ideas of young people. 

We’re now ready to launch the renewed Collective, and we’re looking for organisations to be involved! 

What does the new group look like? 

The renewed Evidence and Insights Collective will be led by young people, with #iwill Ambassadors and Champions being appointed to fulfil the roles of Chair and a core support group. The Chair will be supported by an adult Deputy Chair. Membership will be 50% young people. The purpose of the Collective will be to draw together learning from within and across the #iwill movement. It will be a space to co-create actionable insights to support young people to engage in youth social action and feel empowered to make change.  

The Centre will be acting as the Secretariat for the Evidence and Insights Collective. The Collective will meet three times per year, and each meeting will result in an output to support the dissemination of learning across the #iwill movement. The Centre will lead on the development of these outputs, with support from the Chair and core support group. 

You can review the full Terms of Reference for the group here. 

Who do we want to be involved? 

  1. Governing group 

We are on the hunt for #iwill Ambassadors and Champions who are looking for their next leadership opportunity to lead the group, as either: 

  • The Chair (one young person); 

  • A core support group (up to five young people) 

Click here to find out more about these roles and how to apply. Applications for the Chair and core support group roles close on Sunday 28 August 2022. 

We are also looking for an adult to act as Deputy Chair. This person will be independent of the administration and management of the #iwill movement, and someone with a passion for data and evidence, knowledge of youth social action, and experience of supporting young people to take the lead. If this sounds like you, then click here to read the full job description and how to apply for the role. Applications for the Deputy Chair role close on Sunday 4 September 2022. 


Group membership – organisations, and research and policy representatives 

We want this group to reflect the diversity of organisations, and types of youth social action activity being carried out in the UK. Therefore, we are looking for organisations (of varying sizes and focus) to be part of the group. We are looking for organisations that have signed up to the #iwill Power of Youth Charter, as well as those who have not or those who have only recently started out on their youth social action journey. Each organisation will need to nominate a young person to be part of the group too (where possible). 

The Collective is also a great opportunity to capture and share learning beyond #iwill, especially given the ‘broadening’ of #iwill from a campaign to a movement. Therefore, we are looking for up to five representatives from research and policy institutions with a knowledge-base of youth social action to be part of the group too. 

Members will be expected to attend and actively contribute to group meetings (three per year), including being part of working groups where appropriate. Each meeting will last up to two hours. We therefore anticipate a time commitment of 7-10 hours over the course of a year. 

If you are interested in being part of the membership of the Collective, please get in touch with, outlining your interests in the group and your current engagement with youth social action, by 9 September 2022. We’ll be in touch week beginning 12 September 2022. 


If you would like to know more about redesign process, or how you can get involved in the Collective, please get in touch with Jo (