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Evidence Inquiry


In 2018, the Centre hosted a series of roundtable discussions to explore the potential opportunities and challenges in building an evidence base for youth provision. The conversations were challenging and thought-provoking, with recognition of the benefits of a shared evidence base weighed against concerns about the impact of pre-determined perspectives on 'good' evidence on youth sector practice and evaluation.
We are now working on a paper that will take stock of existing evidence, alongside some mapping and gapping analysis. We also want to do some more work on the principles that should underpin a shared evidence base. As part of this process, we would like to hear about where you look for evidence of the impact of youth provision, and how you use that evidence. Are there key reports or websites that you regularly turn to? And how do you use the evidence you find – funding, programme design, learning…? To help us with this work, we’d be really grateful if you would  fill out this brief survey – it shouldn’t take you longer than seven minutes. If you have any questions about this piece of work, please contact