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Just one question


Taking inspiration from the success of ‘TeacherTapp’, from tomorrow we will be using an adapted version of our existing ‘Asking Good Questions’ survey tool to ask youth practitioners to respond to one key multiple-choice question each week. This platform allows users to register and receive immediate feedback on how others have responded, as well as a follow-up ‘final score’ via email once the survey has closed, and reminders to complete each weekly survey.
We will be opening a fresh survey question each Friday, along with publishing a light-touch analysis on the previous week’s question. We’d like questions to be suggested by peers and partners – this is very much a collaborative effort in order to highlight your priorities and needs as practitioners, through this crisis period and beyond.
Our initial question will be:
‘Other than more funding, what do you need most, right now, to help you make a positive difference for young people?’
The survey will be available here, and will go live at 14:00 tomorrow - Friday 8 May - and will be open until 17:00 the following Thursday 14 May.