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LGA Outcomes Framework - Second Phase


In May this year, the Centre began working with the Local Government Association to update the Catalyst Framework of Outcomes for Young People (originally published in 2012) in line with LGA’s Bright Futures: Our Vision for Youth Services. We spent the summer working with our network leads, talking to commissioners, elected members and practitioners, and are now coming to the end of a first phase of work to update the original ‘clusters of capabilities’ and set the new framework in context. The final draft framework will be launched at the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Manchester next week.

We’re really pleased to announce that LGA has decided to support a second phase of the work, enabling us to continue working with the Centre’s network leads to support the process of putting the framework into practice. We’ll also be working closely with the NYA as part of the second phase, aligning with their forthcoming revised commissioning guidance and thinking through the implications of the new framework. The Framework will be published on our website next week, and we will also share more details about our plans for phase two. For more information, please contact Steve Hillman.