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Multi-site Trials of Practice - Announcing our Delivery Partner Organisations


We are delighted to announce our Delivery Partner Organisations (DPOs) for the multi-site trials of mentoring practice. This innovative study, in partnership with Youth Endowment Fund (YEF), is a consortium led by the Centre for Evidence and Implementation with Bryson Purdon Social Research, and will test whether a group of youth organisations can offer a similar model of mentoring to young people and work together to collect the data required for a randomised control trial. 

We are very excited to be working with the DPOs on this project, who will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion for high-quality mentoring and an eagerness to work collaboratively to test this pioneering evaluation method. In the current developmental phase, the DPOs have come together to develop a shared model of mentoring practice, drawing from research, theory and practice. The shared model contains practice elements that will be common across each DPO in areas of recruitment, screening and onboarding, training for mentors, matching and initiation, support (for young people through mentoring and for mentors), and closure. This will be tested in the next feasibility phase, where half of the DPOs will be getting started with the study in February as we test the evaluation plan through a feasibility study for six months. All being well, and adjusting the evaluation plan where required, the pilot trial will start in the autumn with all DPOs participating in that phase. The DPOs will be receiving grant funding to support their participation in the project. 

The DPOs for the multi-site trials of mentoring practice are:


You can read more about the multi-site trials here and in case you missed it, Mary McKaskill, Research and Methods Lead, shared some reflections about this project as the Centre’s first step into a RCT in this blog.