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Outcomes framework consultation


The Centre for Youth Impact has been commissioned by the Local Government Association to develop an outcomes framework that supports stakeholders across the informal and non-formal youth sector to agree common goals for their work, collaborate more closely, and improve commissioning through a better understanding of quality and impact in youth work and provision for young people.

We are starting by hosting two open sessions for any and all who are interested in shaping and feeding into the development process. They will be an opportunity to share your thoughts on previous outcomes frameworks that have been developed for youth work and provision for young people - particularly the Catalyst Framework of Outcomes for Young People - and discuss with peers the aspirations for a new/updated outcomes framework, alongside the opportunities and challenges for the project.

The first session is on 2 July, in Birmingham and will be hosted by Youth Focus: West Midlands. To register for the event, please use this Eventbrite page.

The second session will be on 13 July in London and will be hosted by Partnership for Young London.  To register for the event, please email