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The Centre's essay collection informs, challenges and encourages you to take your thinking one step further.

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It is several years since the Select Committee Report on Services for Young People pushed the debate about evidence and impact into the mainstream.

For some, this was a new conversation; for others, it was a repeat of many that had gone before. The conversation shows no signs of going away, and has arguably only picked up pace. But where has the debate got to?

In 2016, The Centre for Youth Impact launched a new collection of essays to help us to take stock, understand the differing perspectives, and explore where the conversation has taken us. The essays brought together leading thinkers, practitioners and policy makers, along with young people who were reflecting on their role in this agenda. We hope that the essays will continue to inform, challenge and encourage you, taking your thinking one step further.

The first two essays, from Dr Nick Axford and Dr Genevieve Maitland Hudson, were published in April 2016.

Two further essays were published on 6 July 2016 at the Centre for Youth Impact Gathering 2016, from Jenny North and Tania De St Croix.

Since September 2016, five additional essays have been published via our monthly newsletter, from Kai Hopkins, Kaz Stuart and Steve Hillman, Emma Taylor, Asha Ali, Beca Sandu and Michael Little, and Jane Melvin. 

You can read the essays along with many other useful tools in our Resource Hub.