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Testing a new observational tool to measure social and emotional learning


The Centre for Youth Impact is excited to be testing a new tool for measuring young people’s social and emotional learning. The tool - the Adult Rating of Youth Behaviour (ARYB) - is based on the observations of practitioners as part of their work with young people. It explores the kind of behaviours that young people show and engage in whilst they are in youth settings. We’re looking for a small number of youth organisations to work with us to review the tool thoroughly and help get it ready for pilot.

​The ARYB represents a very different approach to measurement. Rather than asking young people to ‘rate’ themselves, the ARYB is based on an understanding that young people’s behaviours are influenced by their social and emotional skills, and that they can be observed by youth workers and other practitioners over time. This also helps youth organisations understand the skills that are emerging as a result of engaging in provision and building relationships, rather than asking young people to complete more abstract self-report questionnaires. We are exploring how behaviour can provide an important and easily accessible source of information about how young people are developing and applying social and emotional skills. 

The Centre is exploring the ARYB both as an alternative approach to measuring change across youth provision, and as a ‘sister tool’ to the Program Quality Assessment (PQA), part of the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI). The ARYB will create observational data about young people’s engagement and behaviour, alongside the PQA, which creates observational data about the quality of youth work practice.

Before we pilot the ARYB in the UK, we would like detailed feedback from youth organisations to ensure the survey is contextually relevant and fit for purpose. Reviewing the survey and providing feedback should take no more than 90 minutes of your time - around one hour to review the tool and make some notes, and 30 mins to share your thoughts with us on a phone call. Please get in touch with no later than Friday 20 September, if you would like to take part in shaping this cutting-edge approach to capturing the impact of quality youth work on outcomes for young people.  ​