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Tickets on sale for the Gathering 2019


We are pleased to open bookings for our annual conference, The Gathering 2019.
This year, we’re doing things differently. Following each of our four previous conferences, we’ve received feedback that we’ve found difficult to reconcile: some attendees want smaller, more practical sessions that will provide them with actionable approaches to take back to their organisations. Some other attendees want deeper, longer plenary sessions that cover more ideas and allow them to hear a wider range of voices. We’ve historically tried to respond to all perspectives, but with a sense that we never quite manage to balance a diverse range of needs and wants.
So, this year, we’re going to do both: we’re separating our conference from break-out sessions for the first time, and holding a day long practical workshop on Tuesday 5 November. The next day, on Wednesday 6 November, we’re holding our annual conference, which will focus on creating space for the most exciting and thought-provoking ideas through a series of plenary sessions. Both days will be held at Toynbee Hall, a beautiful and vibrant venue with a history of creating space for powerful conversations.
We’d love it if you joined us for both days, of course, but we recognise that some people will find one of the days more relevant than the other. We’re offering tickets for each day separately, and for the two days (with a discount), including an informal get together on the evening of the first day.
Find out more and book tickets here