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The Data Portal

The Data Portal is a free to use, accessible platform for managing data and measuring the impact and quality of youth provision.

About the portal

The Data Portal is a web-based application where organisations can access a digital version of the YMCA George William College measurement tools, upload their results, and analyse their data. 

How to use

Organisations use the portal to make the measurement tools available to young people and their staff as surveys, store the results in the portal as well as cross-compare and visualise the data within the surveys.   

It benefits organisations as data is securely housed in one location and is presented in visual as well as numerical form. 

It can be accessed anywhere online on a wider-screened device such as a laptop. Surveys sent to young people and staff can also be accessed on mobiles. To set up an account, fill out your details on this Typeform.

Information on how to upload and extract data can be found in the User Guide below but in short, YMCA George Williams College sets up an organisation’s profile based on the information provided with at least one member of the organisations staff with administrator privileges. The administrator can create accounts for additional practitioners so all staff members can add participating young people on to the Portal and then add the self-assessment or observational data. Once uploaded there is a graph icon which allows you to see your results as a radar chart showing baseline and follow up data if collected. You can then select which data you wish to view and compare it to cohort data. 

The Portal is being continually developed to support our youth sector partners with learning, evaluation and continuous improvement.  Soon the portal will make comparison between cohorts, geographical locations and demographics possible in terms of outcomes, engagement and quality.  Further improvements are being planned in consultation with our partners.  

To find out more about the data portal, download the user guide below.

Download the guide