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#iWill Act for Change Fund

Alongside Renaisi, the Centre for Youth Impact is working as learning partner for the Act for Change Fund. The Act for Change Fund is a £3.6million partnership for organisations supporting young people working for change.

What we do

The fund will provide resources for young people to challenge social injustice, find ways of overcoming inequality and give voice to the issues they are experiencing.

A joint initiative between Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) and Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation (EEF), in partnership with #iWill and the National Community Lottery Fund, the Act for Change Fund will promote the potential of young people with experience of disadvantage to devise and develop activities and programmes to shape the world around them. It aims to create a more diverse group of social, cultural and political leaders for the future.
Renaisi and the Centre for Youth impact will support PHF, EFF and their partners to learn how we can best build the strengths of young people, both for their own development and to create change in their communities. We will be working closely with young people and the organisations supporting them, while also building upon existing knowledge in the sector. Our dual focus as learning partners will be to examine ways in which the benefit to communities might be understood, while also exploring the effect of leading change on the development of young people’s skills, capabilities and wellbeing.

Project Week Notes

Between November 2021 - January 2022, we will be producing a series of ' Project Week Notes', written by the Centre's Mary McKaskill, about the learning and insight coming out of the Act for Change Fund Learning Project.

Read notes from week one here.