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Rapid Needs Analysis

In 2022 the Centre for Youth Impact conducted an analysis of what youth provision would need in order to be able to evaluate the impact of its work. The insights from this research will help the youth sector to understand how to collectively support evaluation and learning practice in the future.

The research supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), was conducted throughout February and March 2022, and aimed to understand the needs, perceptions, and demands of evaluation and evidence support across the informal and non-formal youth sector. Through this analysis, we found that there was a strong commitment to impact measurement amongst research participants, but that there are significant barriers across the sector that can hinder evaluation and learning practices.

Findings from the Rapid Needs Analysis will be used to shape our work at the Centre, and is the basis of our brand new Resource Hub and Training Courses.

If you are interested in starting a conversation in your organisation about how to further support staff to evaluate impact, this is a key resource for you.

We would love to hear whether the needs analysis reflected your reality in your youth provision. Let us know here.

Read the full findings of our Rapid Needs Analysis below.

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