7 great ways to make the most of your data

“If you’re thinking about what to do with your data, or how to make the most of data from external sources, then you’re in good company.”

One of the ambitions (and challenges) that most organisations share is a desire to use the data they collect to better purpose, for the benefit of the young people with whom they work.

In this blog, Lucy de Las Casas from NPC discusses 7 ways to get the most of out of your data.

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“The power of data aims to demystifies the language of data.”

About the Author

Lucy de Las Casas is Head of Projects in the Development Team at NPC, leading strategic initiatives.

Who is it for?

Data is of continually increasing importance to all organisations that work with young people – whatever form that data takes.

How could this help/improve services for young people?

Effective use of date enables organisations to ensure that they are delivering what young people need, in the way that they need.

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