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Resource Hub

Providing you with the resources, tools and tips to support you in evaluating your work with young people to get (even) better at what you do. The Resource Hub brings it all together.

Journeying to Impact and Quality

Meaningful impact is closely linked to programme quality. By gaining systematic knowledge about the strengths of our programme, areas of improvement, which components of our practice are ‘must haves’ for meaningful impact and which are not, we can put our limited time, energy and resources where they will create the most significant positive change for individuals and communities and design quality improvement steps.

How to use the Hub

Evaluating impact is a journey of continuous learning and quality improvement for every organisation. While no one size fits all, the good news is you can start this work at any time.

The resources in this Hub are structured around eight questions to promote reflection and curiosity. You don’t have to work through the questions in order, but we do recommend you engage with all of them; they are all equally important. 

You can dive into the theory or get practical advice via tools, tips and training for each question.

It will take time – particularly in the beginning - to think about these questions: but it is mainly time that is required, not necessarily external consultancy, expertise or funding.

So, whether you're just starting out, or looking to advance your existing impact, evaluation, and learning culture, you’ll find resources to support you on your journey.

Needs Analysis

Curious about the design of the Research Hub? The Centre for Youth Impact conducted a sector needs analysis to understand what support is needed to embed impact evaluation in the youth sector. This Resource Hub directly addresses the needs highlighted. The report may be a useful resource to stimulate impact conversations in your organisation or region

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