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Funder Level Theory of Change

Funder Level Theory of Change

The Youth Investment Fund (YIF) aims to go further than providing funding for the delivery of high quality open access youth work (OAYW). Through the learning and impact work and the creation of local and national networks, the YIF aims to support organisations to maintain levels of impact for young people in the long term, after the 3 year funding period has ended.

As a result of better understanding of, and evidence to communicate, their impact at an individual, local and national level, open access youth organisations will be in a stronger position to maintain and increase levels of impact going forward.

The YIF funder level theory of change reflects the channels through which the YIF will enable the delivery of high quality provision and maintenance of impact in the longer term, ultimately contributing to improved outcomes for young people:

• Funding to increase capacity for provision delivery—including increasing staff time for delivery and allowing grantees to develop assets (eg building facilities) to expand delivery
• Learning about the impact of OAYW
• Working collectively for greater impact
• Developing (financial) sustainability

By prioritising activity to maximise impact within a given budget, working collectively to evidence and communicate the case for OAYW to secure future funding streams and adapting delivery models to improve sustainability, the OAYW sector will be better equipped to maintain high quality impact for young people going forward.

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