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Get involved

Contribute news, blogs, events and opinions to the Centre and take part in the debate. We are encouraging anyone who is involved in work with young people to contribute to the conversation and shape the direction of the impact agenda.

Our aim is for the Centre to become a platform for discussion, providing an entry point to the impact agenda for anyone who wants to join the debate. We are focused on supporting meaningful and relevant impact measurement practice, and we feel the best way to achieve this is through collaboration and representation of all of the views informing the current agenda.

By seeking contributions from across and beyond the youth sector, our goal is to create a body of content that supports, informs and provokes conversations that will ultimately lead to improvements in outcomes for young people.

We want you get involved and add your voice to the conversation. Have you read something you strongly agree or disagree with? Is there an issue or personal experience you are particularly passionate about? Or maybe you have a question you’d like to ask to encourage further dialogue?

If you have any interest in shaping the discussion, we want to hear from you.

Examples of items you could contribute include:

  • News items
  • Details of events
  • Blogs or opinion pieces
  • Articles for inclusion on the Centre website
  • Suggestions for resources to add to our Resource Hub
  • Case studies - we'd like to share examples of different approaches to understanding impact and how this influenced practice

You can make a submission by emailing your idea to