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Generating insights

Developing a learning culture will support you and your colleagues to get the most out of your evaluation work.

Actionable insights

“Insight” is the capacity to develop a deep and accurate understanding about something. We go further to say that insights should be actionable - that is, they lead to direct, well-informed and meaningful actions.

Learning together

Planning an evaluation is a great opportunity to review and refresh a shared understanding about the why, what and how of your work, alongside how you collectively learn and improve. It’s also an opportunity to consider what data you really need to collect to understand how and where practice is effective (and perhaps where it isn’t).

Generating insights is the next, crucial step. 

Here at the Centre we believe that this depends on having a culture that values and supports learning. Building a learning culture can begin by simply spending some dedicated time with colleagues to reflect and learn from each other, share successes and challenges, and look through the data you already have. It’s important to create a safe and brave space that allows for curiosity, rather than just looking for information that supports what you already think! 

Explore our resource hub to find more guidance and materials to support your organisation’s learning culture and use of data.

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